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His Boss Sent Him Off On Business Trips, Then Gave The Business To His Wife

I've always enjoyed traveling on work-related assignments, so when my boss began sending me on an increased number of business trips, I considered myself fortunate. I didn't know why he was doing it all of a sudden, but I was getting to travel all over the country and stay in (reasonably) nice hotels on someone's else's tab, so I didn't even bother to give it a second thought.

One day I left the office to go to the airport, but on the way I realized that I had left an important file at home, so I had the cab turn around and take me back to my house. When I walked in the door I noticed that the answering machine was on. I was surprised to hear my boss's voice--and I was even more surprised to hear what he was saying.

"Hi, kitten," I heard. "Your husband has just taken a cab to the airport, so we've got two nights to howl. I thought I might come by around lunchtime so we could have ourselves a little matinee roll in the hay. I'm horny as hell for your pussy, kitten. Give me a call when you get in. Bye bye."

When I heard this I suddenly realized why I'd been so generously assigned all those overnight business trips recently. My boss Steve was fucking my wife Maggie, and he probably had been for months. It also explained why Maggie had never complained about me being away from home so much. Strangely enough, when I realized exactly what was happening, I got an immediate hard-on.

Just as I was about to get back in the cab, my wife drove up. She had just gone to the store for a few things and was surprised to see me home. I explained to her that I'd come to pick up a file I'd forgotten and that I had to hurry if I wanted to make my plane. We kissed, and then I was off. I kept thinking about my boss and my wife, and I had a hard-on for the whole flight.

"Steve often comes by to fuck Maggie. Then I jerk off, coming hard when I hear her scream with orgasms that she gets from another man"

That night I phoned home about ten o'clock. Maggie sounded out of breath, and I told her so. She said she'd been doing some exercise. Yeah, I thought, I knew exactly what kind of exercise she was doing and who she was doing it with.

I decided to let things continue as they were, at least for a while. I had to admit to myself that I was increasingly turned on by the fact that my wife was screwing my boss on a regular basis. Then one night I decided to tell Maggie that I had always fantasized about her getting fucked by another man. I told her that the idea really turned me on, and that I wouldn't object if she ever felt she'd like to have some strange cock. I said it would probably be thrilling for both of us if she would share her experiences with me, or even let me watch.

Maggie was astounded when I said that. She stared at me for a long time, really taken aback and basically speechless until she looked me right in the eye and said, "You know about Steve and me, don't you?"





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